Kente Cloth

Written By
Ann-Marie Zoë Coore

Illustrated by
Tajha Winkle

We are woven into Kente Cloth which symbolizes that we are never alone, but a part of a family, a community, a village, a country, a continent, rich with love, peace, joy, and humanity. Brilliantly designed in bold colors: yellows, reds, blues, oranges, greens, purples, browns and black.

In our Kente Cloth is our language Twi, that reminds us to cry out to YASU the LAMB OF GOD that gives us purpose. So, in exaltation and praise I shout to the nations of the world that I am a child of GOD, I am African, I am a Masterpiece, I am Enough.

Come with me as I explore the intricacies of Africa as intertwined in the story of our Kente Cloth.

Join me!


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