I Am My Sister’s Keeper

God Rocks Bracelets with your favorite Scriptures on it.

One size fits all.



The Joy of my life
The strength of my being
The tissue when I cry
The music when I dance

You on my left
You on my right
You who always have my back
You balance me, strengthen me
You gird up my sides

You are my guide
You are my correction
You are my laughter
You my sisters bestowed unto me “affection without limitations”

When I reflect on what a sister is
I think of how privileged I am
To have GOD’s greatest creation
Standing with me

So go ahead my sisters and strut your stuff that
GOD so clearly blessed you with:
Beauty, Strength, Wisdom, Grace
Owning the complete trajectory of your being
As you reside in a posture of gratitude and exaltation

You are Perfect
You are Enough
You are Victorious
You are a Masterpiece

I thank GOD for you
I pray GOD’s Blessings over you
I honor you
I respect you
I cherish you … my sisters

Love Infinity!
Ann-Marie Zoe Coore